11 (Interesting) Things You Don’t Need to Know About Me

My Story

The first time I was asked to write for a ‘real’ publication as a ‘real’ writer, I was sat on a veranda in Milan with a Golden Retriever named Keem. For weeks, I’d been indulging in wood-fired pizzas and home-cooked pasta and pesto, living with the kindest host family I could ask for. Far from home, in the heat of the Italian rain, I could be whoever and whatever I wanted.

I decided I was a writer.

Over the next few years, I wrote articles for different organisations, started a popular blog, got into editing and eventually found myself managing the communications department of a wonderful UK charity.

That’s how I found my thing. Now, as a full-time copywriter, I help businesses and non-profits communicate their value to their ideal audience.

Thinking about working with me? Here are some things you need to know…

  • I work best when I’m being bribed with the prospect of pizza. That may, or may not be, a hint.
  • Apparently, I look exceptionally young? Pre-uni young? I promise you, I’m not! I’ve definitely finished university (I graduated over five years ago) and I’ve got the grey hairs to prove it. Want to know more about my background? Find me on LinkedIn.
  • I’m big on having a work-life balance, and not just because I have a little human to take care of. I work harder than most people, but I don’t think work should kill me. I have set working hours and in that time: I get stuff done.
  • My favourite food is pizza. You should know that by now.
  • My favourite film is The Dark Knight. (‘Why so serious, SON?!’ Gets me every time).
  • I make to-do lists. Lots of to-do lists.
  • The most popular word used to describe me in client testimonials is ‘professional’ (she says, after quoting The Joker).

When I’m not copywriting…

  • I listen to podcasts. Some serious, some investigative, some business-y, some inspiring. I think I might even have a podcast in me somewhere.
  • I read – currently experimenting with my new Kindle!
  • I spend time with my lovely little human.
  • I gym! I know – I can barely believe it too.

What now?

If you’re ready to work with me, I’d love for us to have a chat. Drop me an email at hello@inkhouse.org.uk or book a free 20-minute call using the form below.



Eman Ismail - copy expert and founder of InkHouse - writes conversational copy for businesses that want to sound more human, less robot. Through her services and online course, she helps brands Marie Kondo their messaging so they’re loved and understood by their ideal customers. When she’s not running her biz or hosting copywriting workshops for Lloyds Bank, you’ll find her bouncing around (probably injured) at soft play with her not-so-baby boy.

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