If this is you, you need to hire a copywriter – right now!

1. You need more time

This writing malarkey is way harder than you thought. It takes hours to write a web page or a blog post, and it isn’t even your job to do. It chews into your valuable time and you wish someone else would take it off your hands. But what can you do? This stuff isn’t going to write itself.

You need to hire a copywriter. Get an expert to do the writing for you so you can stop worrying about which word goes where. With a copywriter on the case, you’ll be free to do what you do best.

2. Writing bores you

You only do it because you know it needs to get done. But the truth is, writing sucks the life out of you. You hate it and you can think of about a hundred things you’d rather be doing.

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Needless to say, copywriters love writing. So much, in fact, that lots of us develop some kind of injury from doing it too much – but we power through anyway!

A few years ago, I got a repetitive strain injury in my hands called tendonitis, simply because I do too much typing and writing. I feel it flare up again sometimes, but even that can’t stop me.

Copywriters love to write, and there’s nothing we’d rather be doing. So send us that work and go do something that makes you happy!

3. You want to increase your online presence

You watch other brands churn out blog post after blog post, and you wonder how they do it.

Let me tell you their secret: they’ve realised the value of a copywriter, and they’ve hired one. They have at least one dedicated person creating their content for them.

Instead of wishing you were like them, be like them and hire a copywriter too! Your copywriter will find out what your audience wants to know, then they’ll write about it.

4. You want more people to know about your brand

The best way to get people talking about your brand is to create compelling content that people can’t help but share and engage with.

A copywriter can create an entire content strategy for you, so you’ve got great content going out regularly and consistently.

5. You want to be top of mind

The only way you’re going to be at the forefront of people’s minds is by being in front of their eyes. If you’re not publishing regular content, you’ll never be the brand people are thinking about.

[ctt template=”12″ link=”Iprb0″ via=”yes” ]‘If you’re not publishing regular #content, you’ll never be the #brand people are thinking about.’ #writing #copywriting #business #topofmind[/ctt]

A copywriter can produce content in different formats and mediums, to make sure your audience is seeing your content on different platforms in various ways.

They’ll create one blog post, then turn that post into a video, an infographic, and a social media post. Recycling content is what we do – and we know how to do it well.

6. You value professionalism

Most people would hire a web designer to design their website, because – understandably – they want a professional who knows what they’re doing. But when it comes to copy, these same people are happy to do it themselves – even when they’re really bad at it.

Hiring a professional is always a good thing, and writing is no exception. Instead of trying and failing, or trying and doing an alright job, hire an expert copywriter to do it properly.

7. You want to be a thought leader

You want to be that brand people trust.

You want your customers to know you’re an expert in your field. But they won’t know that unless you’re publishing relevant content to give them that impression.

If you want to be seen as an expert, you need a copywriter to help you communicate your expertise.

8. You need to find yourself

Every brand has a voice, but you haven’t quite found yours yet.

You need help.

A copywriter will help you hone in on your brand’s personality and tone, so that whenever you communicate with the outside world, you sound like you.

9. You need an outsider’s perspective

Being so close to your product or service can sometimes mean you don’t know how to position it so it actually sells.

A copywriter is distant enough that they can come in, identify your unique selling points, and sell your product based on those.

10. You don’t write like a human being

You’re human, but you write like a robot. For some reason, whatever you write sounds completely unnatural.

[ctt template=”12″ link=”fD4R6″ via=”yes” ]‘You’re #human, but you write like a robot.’ #writingproblems #copywriter #business #robot[/ctt]

That’s because the key to copywriting is to write how you speak.

Copywriters know this, so instead of overcomplicating things, they write simply and conversationally.

11. Your publications are peppered with typos

No matter how much you proofread your work, somehow, mistakes keep slipping past you and making it into your publications.

Grammatical errors and typos make brands look sloppy and amateur, so you need to avoid this.

Copywriters are editors. They proof your work to perfection, and they enjoy doing it.

With a copywriter by your side, you can finally stop worrying about typos and grammatical errors ruining your work and be confident that you’re publishing polished and professional copy.

12. You’ve already spent a load of money

If you’ve already spent a chunk of money on your website, brochure, or promo video, you don’t want your project to tank at the last hurdle because you tried to save a few bob and wrote the copy yourself.

When a copywriter does their job well, the audience won’t even realise you’ve hired a writer.

The problem is, they always know when you haven’t.

Ready to hire a copywriter? Get in touch with me, Eman, at hello@inkhouse.org.uk so we can transform the way you communicate.


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Eman Ismail is a UK-based copywriter and the founder of InkHouse. She works with businesses and non-profits across the world, writing marketing materials and content that increases their exposure and attracts their ideal audience. When she's not writing or delivering copywriting workshops, you'll find her glued to a podcast in the corner of a cosy cafe.

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