Get the tips, tools and templates you need to create a blog that generates *actual* leads


You’re a business owner who understands the value of business blogging.

You don’t need me to convince you.  

You know that a great blog is the BEST sales assistant you'll ever have.  

That a blog can bring you more leads, more customers and more revenue (without it costing you a thing).  

You know blogging builds your credibility  

Boosts your search engine rankings  

And puts you in the spotlight as a thought leader in your industry.  

You’d be blogging every week if you could.  

Problem is – writing a blog that gets reads, shares and comments is a lot harder than it looks. You've tried.

Truth? You have no idea how to create posts that consistently generate leads and revenue for your business.

And you're not afraid to admit: you need help.


Blogging for Business Owners

In this online blogging workshop, you'll find out the:

  • Five essential ingredients for cooking up a blog that boosts your revenue
  • Secret to successfully selling your services or products (without the cringey sales pitch)
  • 4-part structure that saves you hours of writer's block by telling what to write and how
  • Simple trick that guarantees your posts will be read, liked and shared
  • ONE crucial element you didn't even know your blogs needed
  • Key to picking topics and headlines that draw in readers like bees to honey

Take the thinking out of blogging with my recorded workshop

  • Where is it? This is an online workshop, so all you need is your laptop/desktop.
  • When is it? Whenever you want it to be. You get instant access to the full 3-hour workshop, so you can watch it in your own time, at your own pace.
  • Who's doing it? Me! AKA Eman Ismail, Conversion Copywriter and founder of InkHouse.
  • Why should I sign up? You know it's possible to generate leads from your blog, but you've got zero clue how to do that. And now, you're ready to learn.

"After this workshop, I left with about 2 years worth of blog topic ideas and a new enthusiasm for blogging. Her workshops are fantastic. Full of information that’s easy to understand and take in. Professional, yet engaging and fun! Thank you for creating a spark!!"

Aaron Fletcher - Buzzin Sounds 

"I found this workshop really useful and accessible. I was struggling with structure and writing but now I feel really clear about the direction in which my blog writing will go. Highly recommend!"

Helen Roscoe - Yoga Teacher

"This workshop is brilliant! Some great ideas for generating content ideas, structuring your posts, and creating content that your audience will find valuable. I've already created a mind map of ideas to take away and feel much more confident about how to turn them into posts."

Nicola Anderson - Be Curious & Kind

Ready to stop wasting hours searching for "How to Blog" blogs on Google?

In this 3-hour workshop (with tasks and exercises) you'll learn:

  • How to Come up With Blog Topics Your Audience Will Actually Read. Find out all the tricks that successful bloggers use to brainstorm topics that blow up their bank accounts.

  • The Simple Method to Structuring a Blog Post. Beat writer's block with a cheat-sheet framework that tells you how to structure the perfect blog post. You'll also get to watch me research and write a blog post in realtime.

  • The SURE-FIRE Way to Convert Readers into Loyal Customers. Learn how to write blog posts that attract solid leads and high-paying customers. 

  • How to Find Time to Blog. Think you don't have enough hours in the day to blog regularly? This workshop gives you practical tips so you can find time and get writing.

  • To Bust Through Those Blogging Myths & Self-Limiting Beliefs. No more: "I'm not expert enough to be writing blog posts / None of my ideas are original so there's no point in me blogging". You'll leave this workshop feeling like the Boss you are.

Don't forget your BONUSES!

  • Fill-in-the-Blanks Template. Follow this step by step guide and use it to create engaging, easy-to-read posts that get your readers excited (and willing to invest in you).

  • My List of Top Blogging Resources. Includes podcasts, books and blogs, so you can stop sifting through Google and head straight to the professionals.

  • Life-Time Access. With lifetime access to the workshop and my much sought-after presentation slides, you can watch it as many times as you need.

Hey there!

I’m Eman Ismail - conversion copywriter, founder of InkHouse, pizza-lover and certified Ravenclaw.

For the past year, I've been delivering face-to-face workshops in partnership with Lloyds Business Bank – one of the biggest retail and commercial banks in the UK.  

Now, it's time to bring my blogging workshop online.

And it's time you learn how to boost your enquiries, sales and revenue through the power of blogging - without spending a single penny.


"Eman provides business owners with various techniques and practical tips to go out and immediately improve their blogs. Her passion for supporting businesses and helping them write effective content is infectious."

Simon Chapman - Lloyds Business Bank

"I love seeing the difference in people's content after attending Eman's workshops. She's making such a difference to so many businesses. We're lucky to have her!"

Holly Gaffney - Events Manager, Lloyds Business Bank 

“This workshop is one of the best I’ve ever attended. I can’t believe how much content Eman packed into the three hours. There’s not a single aspect of blog writing she doesn’t cover. I now have all the tools to get started. If you want to learn blog writing, this is the only workshop you’ll need.”

Kerstin Sheppard - Lemur Communications

This workshop is perfect for you if...

  • You're a business owner with something to sell (usually a service/product) 
  • You're a blogging beginner who struggles when it's time to sit down and write a post
  • You want to build a business blog that's effective and profitable

This workshop is not for you if...

  • You don't have a business
  • You want to learn how to monetise your personal blog through ad space/sponsorship
  • You want to learn about the technical/back-end side of blog building
  • You're a confident or professional blogger

Turn your blog into a lead-generation machine

Every week, I get messages from people who want to work with me because they’ve read my content.

That means by the time they get in touch, I don’t need to do any selling

They’re already sold. They already want to work with me. 

I don't go searching for these clients. They read my content and find me.

If you want a blog that's your personal lead-generation machine, sign up for this workshop.

At just £47, you can't afford to miss it.

Let's get your questions answered

Does this workshop apply to my industry?

Yes. It applies to all industries. 

As long as you're a business owner, you'll benefit from this workshop. 

Some of my past workshop attendees include: yoga teachers, personal trainers, virtual assistants, musicians, nutritionists, e-commerce store owners, consultants, graphic designers, producers, CEOs and directors. (And that's not everyone!)

Is this an online workshop ?

Yes - which means you don't need to worry about travelling to me. You can watch this workshop in the comfort of your own home or office whenever you want.

Is this a pre-recorded workshop?

Yes. When you sign up, you'll get instant access to the workshop and you can start watching it straight away.

How long do I get access for?

Once you've bought the workshop, it's yours to keep. You get lifetime access to it and you can watch it as many times as you need to.