How Much Does a Copywriter Charge?

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You’re interested in hiring a copywriter, but you’ve got no idea how much they charge.

If you’re an avoider like me, you’ll just avoid the issue and get on with trying to write your own copy – because the figure might just bring on a hernia.

Am I right?

But if you like to tackle your issues head-on (unlike me), you’ll have asked a few copywriters already. And now you’re confused, because each one gave you a different price.

Whichever category you fall into, this post will give you a better idea of the kind of quotes you can expect from copywriters.

You might even find that they’re not as high (or as scary) as you thought they’d be.

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There are no fixed industry prices

The first thing to know is that, as with most other creative industries, copywriting rates are subjective. There are no fixed prices that span the entire industry. So if you were to ask five copywriters to give you a quote for the exact same work, you’d get five different prices.

Why do copywriters have such different rates?

Copywriters base their rates on a number of factors, including:

  • their location
  • their experience
  • their skills or specialisms (e.g. SEO, email marketing, technical or charity copywriting)
  • whether they’re in demand (how long their waiting list is)

A copywriter with ten years of experience is going to be more expensive than a copywriter who’s been doing it for a year.

A copywriter in London is going to be more expensive than a copywriter in Leeds for example, cause copywriters gotta eat too!

How do copywriters charge?

Copywriters might charge you:

  • hourly
  • daily
  • a project-based fee
  • per word (rare but possible)

A survey by Procopywritersthe UK’s largest association for commercial writers, found that 50% of copywriters charge a project fee, 47% of copywriters charge by the hour, and 6% charge per word.

They calculate your quote based on a number of factors, including:

  • the complexity of the project
  • how long it’ll take
  • the value their work will bring to your company
  • how much planning is involved
  • whether or not you need them to create an entire strategy
  • the level of research involved
  • their communications with you (they’ll charge for the briefing, phone calls and any meetings)
  • how quickly you need the work doing (there may be a rush fee)

How much do copywriters charge?

In their annual report, Procopywriters state that, in 2018, the average daily rate of a UK copywriter was £342.

[ctt template=”12″ link=”Ult9b” via=”yes” ]A survey by @Procopywriters found that the average daily rate of a UK copywriter was £342 in 2018 #copywriting #rates #money #questions[/ctt]

But copywriters charge anything between £249 a day and £496 a day.

Hourly rates vary from £30 to £100 an hour.

For the 50% of copywriters who charge a project fee, prices really depend on what you’re asking of them.

Once you tell them what you need, they’ll send you a free proposal outlining the cost of the work and what their quote includes.

How much does InkHouse charge?

I charge a project-based fee like most copywriters do.

That means every quote I give is tailored to your project.  

I found charging by the hour didn’t work for me or my business for a number of reasons.

When someone asks me for a quote, I find out what the project involves then I whip out my handy spreadsheet calculator and work out the cost.

My prices are fixed so, no matter what happens throughout my writing process, the cost remains the same.

My clients love this because it means they know how much they’re paying before I’ve even started writing.

Can I afford a copywriter?

Remember, when it comes to copywriters: you get what you pay for – just like everything in life.

A cheap copywriter will do more damage than good for your company (read all about it here), while a great copywriter is an investment that brings about measurable returns.

If you want my honest advice, I think you’re asking the wrong questions.

Instead of asking: ‘Can I afford to hire a copywriter?’, start asking: ‘Can I afford not to?’

Are you ready to hire a copywriter?

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