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I’m Eman, a UK-based copywriter. You can find out more about me on the ‘About’ page of this website or on my LinkedIn profile.

Copywriting is a form of writing that promotes a product or service for marketing or advertising purposes. Its function is to motivate the reader to take a certain action. That action might be to come to an event, to sign up to a newsletter, to make a donation, or to buy a service.

Nope, it doesn’t! They’re entirely different.

I’ve been writing copy and content since 2014. I’ve worked with a good number of organisations, helping them to communicate what they do in a more clear and engaging way.


Check out my portfolio and see what past and current clients have to say about me here.

Yes, you can! Have a look at my portfolio or head on over to my blog.

Have a read of this blog post to find out exactly what working with me looks like.

Yes, I can. I’ll work with whoever you need me to, be they designers, developers, marketers, or just a valued team member.


I love to see projects through to the end, so if you’d like me to work with your designer or developer right up until publication or launch, I’m happy to do that. Please consider this may require an additional fee because of the extra time I’m spending on your project.

Writing copy for an organisation I’m not part of isn’t easy, so I need all the information I can get about your audience, your work, and your desired outcome. You should be wary of a copywriter who doesn’t ask for a brief. Without it, there’s no way we can create the informed and engaging copy you want.


Yes, it’ll take 15-20 minutes to complete, but in the end you’re saving yourself time and money. With a good brief, I’ll understand the project much better and we’ll be on the same page. Without a brief, I’m likely to spend more time on the project, guessing what you want and getting it wrong.

The thing about copywriting is that I’m writing as if I’m you (or your organisation), so there’s no need to credit me.


However, please note that the copyright for any writing belongs to me until you’ve made your final payment. Once that payment comes through, the copyright transfers to you.

I usually only meet for huge projects that require face-to-face consultation. For most projects however, Zoom and email work just as well.


If you’d really like to meet, I’ll do my best to make it happen! I charge my hourly rate, and if you’re not local I ask that you pay my travel expenses too.

That depends on the size of your project, your deadline, and my calendar. We’ll agree to set deadlines before I start working on the project.

Hopefully, this will never happen! But if you don’t like the first draft, you’ll still have two free revision cycles in which I can make amendments.


After that, there may be an additional charge for continued revisions, but my goal is to make sure you’re happy with your copy, so I’ll do everything possible to make sure that’s the case.

To find out my full list of rates and services, fill in the contact form or email so I can send you my rate card.

No, I’m not. My rates are a fair representation of the work, experience and value I provide, as well as the amount of time I spend on a project. They’re well within the recommended rates for copywriters, as well as the typical rates for UK copywriters.


Get in touch if you’d like to know my rates.

Yes, you can. There are content and copywriting mills that will charge you 3p per word. But just like everything, when it comes to copywriting: you get what you pay for.


Bad copy is expensive too. It can cost you new leads, existing customers, and it can wreck the brand you’ve worked so hard to build.

I usually charge a flat rate fee for each project.


When I charge hourly – understandably – the focus for the client tends to be the number of hours I spend writing, rather than the quality of the copy. For me, producing quality copy is crucial, so I’ve found that it’s better to charge a flat rate fee. This way, you know what the invoice is going to be before I start writing, and I can focus on creating great copy.


The only service I charge hourly for is editing, because it’s difficult to know how much editing existing copy will need.

For projects that cost under £400, I require full payment in advance.


Depending on the cost of your project, you’ll either pay in full in advance, or you’ll pay a 50% deposit before I start writing.


If you’re a retainer client, you’ll pay the fee in advance every month on the same date.

In most cases, yes I can. The great thing about copywriting is that I don’t have to be an expert in your industry; I just have to know how to write good copy. Part of the copywriting process is that I do research and find out what your customers want, so I can give them exactly that.


If ever I feel I can’t write for your industry, I’ll be honest and let you know. If I can recommend any other copywriter for you, I will.

Once you’ve paid for the copy, it’s yours and you can do whatever you like with it!


It’s worth noting that if you have any changes you’d like to make, I’m happy to go through these with you during the amendment process.


Get in touch using my contact form.


I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.