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    "The Email Rules is a game-changer!"

    "The Email Rules gave me so much insight and clarity on how I should be writing my emails. Even though I'd heard some of these rules before, hearing Eman's specific examples of how she applies them to her own emails was a GAME-CHANGER and helped me see where I'd been going wrong. Seriously, if you need a refresher on email marketing or you want clear strategies to boost your conversions, you need to get in on this!"

    - Ashley Chow, Copywriter

    "I thoroughly enjoyed watching Eman’s Email Rules. It’s not theoretical fluff; every rule is actionable – today – in your email marketing. And they’re easy steps.

    So easy, in fact, I was left wondering why I hadn’t thought of some before. I guess this is the benefit of learning from a pro rather than working it out yourself the slow way.

    You can watch all of Eman’s Email Rules in just 35 minutes. Or, if you’re like me, allow a few extra minutes to scribble down all the new ideas that pop into your head while you’re watching.

    After watching Lesson 2, The Rule of One, I discovered that I already had way more content than I thought – which meant that I had weeks more email topics up my sleeve.

    And in Lesson 5, I realised I was trying to shoehorn my message into suiting multiple audiences. The result was bland copy. By following Eman’s rule for segmentation, I was able to write compelling copy to a specific audience.

    The Email Rules gave me quick wins and a bucketload of ideas to try next."

    - Zoe Heard, Copywriter at Get Heard

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    Lesson 1. You've got email all wrong

    If you think email marketing is a one-to-many marketing tool, you’re doing email all wrong. Change your perspective on email, and email will become your business’ best friend.


    Lesson 2. The Rule of One

    The subtle but effective changes you need to make to your emails so they connect with your audience and increase your sales.


    Lesson 3. The Subject Line

    Get tips and tricks on how to write subject lines that will skyrocket your open rates. Super important, because if people aren’t reading your emails you’ll never make sales from them.


    Lesson 4. Calls to Action (CTAs)

    Find out the common mistake business owners make when it comes to writing calls to action, and how you can make your CTAs work hard for you.


    Lesson 5. The Art of Segmentation

    Most business owners won’t do this because it takes a little bit of effort. And this is the difference between those who generate revenue from email, and those who don’t.


    Lesson 6. Storytelling and Voice

    Learn how to write emails that people actually want to read and that sound like you!

    Get The Email Rules now 👇🏽

      "I've been avoiding sending emails for the longest time. After watching The Email Rules, I feel like I finally have a starting point"

      "I've been waiting for Eman to create this class for months as I am such a big fan of her emails and teaching style! It was 'email-changing' and I can't wait to implement some of the easy actions. It was super easy to digest, approachable and I've already come away with quick steps to immediately improve my email impact. A lot of courses feel like hard work and make me feel overwhelmed, so this fitted easily into my working day and I will be able to start introducing some of Eman's tips immediately. I'm totally convinced by the power of email and I can't wait to see how my connection improves after taking this mini-class!"

      - Charlotte Holroyd, Graphic designer at Creative Wilderness

      "I loved The Email Rules. I found it really helpful and picked up loads of tips for making my emails more effective. Eman clearly knows what she's talking about and gives lots of practical examples and actionable tips - not just theory that you then struggle to put into action. If I've learnt this much from her mini course, I can't imagine what her full-size course contains!."

      - Lily Karenza, Copywriter at LK Copywriting

      "I've been avoiding sending emails for the longest time. After watching The Email Rules, I feel like I finally have a starting point. It was concise and practical which I really appreciated because it meant that I actually got through it!"

      - Naima, Web Designer at Kei Digital

      Oh hey! I'm Eman 👋🏽

      An email conversion strategist and copywriter and the maker of copywriting course, Be Your Own Copywriter.

      Here are some of the results my copy has achieved for clients:

      • $35,000 launch in just 7 days with an email list that had under 2000 subscribers
      • 78% average open rate and 29% average click rate for a 10-part email onboarding sequence
      • 66% conversion rate on a webinar landing page
      • 7% conversion rate for multiple long-form course sales pages (the average is 1-3%)
      • Doubled course intake for one course creator

      I've written copy for Joanna Wiebe at Copyhackers, Samar Owais, Belinda Weaver (Hot Copy Podcast) and Emily Thompson (Being Boss).

      I've been trained by some of the best conversion copywriters in the industry, and I've delivered regular copywriting workshops in partnership with Lloyds Business Bank.

      If there's anyone who can help you improve your email results and conversions...it's me.

      So find a 35-minute-shaped slot on your calendar and get ready to learn the essentials of email marketing. (And yes, it's totally free).

      "This is one of the best email classes I've ever taken"

      "The Email Rules was so informative without being overwhelming. Eman provides digestible information that is both useful and relevant to all business owners! I’d highly recommend listening to this 35-minute class, ideal for those who don’t know much about email marketing/conversions or for those who want to know more!"

      - Rebecca Smithson, VA

      "This is one of the best email classes I've ever taken. The Rule of One was the best. I have only one word and that's AWESOME."

      - Bhundi, Writer

      "I thought Eman was awesome! Turns out...she is AWESOME PRO MAX!!

      The Email Rules has everything you need if you’re struggling with “...okay, emails are cool but how exactly I can make them work and bring results?”

      The Email Rules is how.

      I took pages worth of notes from this 35-minute class so you can anticipate the tons of value!"

      - Fiza Naseem at Horcrux Copy

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